Professional Courses

1. Network Hacking (Intermedia to Advance)1 Month
2. Website Hacking (Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting)1 Month
3. YouTube Landing Page Design1 Month
4. YouTube Marketing Course1 Month
5. Ethical Hacking From Scratch12 Months
6. Facebook Add Course12 Months
7. Google Add Marketing Course12 Months
8. Linux in 30 Days Duration12 Months
9. Microsoft Windows Server Training from Beginner3 Months
10. Complete Python Bootcamp – Duration12 Month
11. Diploma in Field Work Management12 Month
12. Certificate in Receptionist3 Month
13. Certificate in C++3 Month
14. Certificate in C Programming3 Month
15. Certificate in Oracle3 Month
16. Certificate in JAVA3 Month
17. Certificate in PHP3 Month
18. Certificate in Solid Works3 Month
19. Certificate in Visual Basic.net3 Month
20. Certificate in Dream Weaver3 Month
21. Certificate in Webpage Design and Internet3 Month
22. Certificate in Microsoft office3 Month
23. Cetificate in 3D MAX3 Month
24. Certificate in Software Testing6 Month
25. Diploma in Sales Person6 Month