Reaching vocational education at the lowest cost to every rural and backward region of India on high level employment. Thousands of study centers to be constructed for the provision of free education for children and girls belonging to below poverty line. Making the youth aware of and encouraging the tradition of Yoga. Working on the mission to make the youth self-reliant to build a new India. Setting new dimensions in the field of computer education of working from home to fight unemployment caused by Covid-19.


I have full faith that under our mission, employment-oriented vocational education for rural and urban youths to get rid of unemployment. We will provide employable computer education, vocational education and yoga education. We will inspire all youths to make self-employment falls to build a new India.

If man’s firm intention and thought is good, then through our mission, you will make your dream come true. For this, HVSDM believe that our study centers will connect spiritually and mentally with the students under our leadership.

The youth who are unable to get high level employable education will provide education at low fees which will be the foundation for the creation of new India. Our mission will be construction, regulation and incorporation of self-employment courses with new prospects and ideas. So, come as a part of our HVSDM family and go on a mission to serve the country and write the foundation of new India.

We do believe that our youth have caliber to build a new and better India. It can possible with good education. NELSON MANDELA said that” the power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success ”. And our P.M. MR. NARENDRA MODI also thinks “” that education education makes life’s self relevant it inspires man to live with dignity in the society “by following their words we will encourage our youths to learn new skills which will help them to full fill their dreams. We do have fantasy of competing with economically advance nation. We are convinced that if we are play meaning full role nationally and in the community of nation we can get our old position in the world. so that again we are called to bird of gold .which will represents our youths capabilities and will of doing work.